GoodDollar protocol and the ability to claim G$ UBI daily is now live on Celo!

In this page you can find all the relevant information about GoodDollar on Celo:

✨ **How to claim G$ on Celo

💧 Active liquidity programs**

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GoodDollar x Celo



✨ How to claim on Celo

All current and new GoodDollar members can claim G$ on a daily basis on both Celo and Fuse. Your GoodDollar UBI address that has passed the GoodDollar face verification is whitelisted to claim G$ on both chains! As both Fuse and Celo are EVM-compatible, your GoodDollar UBI address is the same wallet address on both chains.

GoodWallet is now multichain! That means that you can claim on Fuse and Celo on your GoodWallet app. Also, payments links are now chain specific.

<aside> ☝ **GoodWallet claim user guides:

-** How to claim on Celo and Fuse everyday!

You can also claim on GoodDapp. Connect your GoodDollar UBI address via the GoodDapp. You can do this by connecting from GoodWallet using WalletConnect, or exporting your G$ wallet to any EVM-compatible wallet, like MetaMask. Both guides are below.

<aside> ☝ GoodDapp claim user guides:

New users:



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Any trouble or questions? Talk with our support team:

GoodDollar Support Desk


<aside> ☝ allows you to explore and search the Celo Blockchain for transactions, adresses, tokens, prices and other activities taking place on Celo chain.


💧 Active liquidity programs

Robust liquidity is key for any decentralized protocol ecosystem. By adding liquidity you are supporting the UBI claimers and ambassadors that use their G$ to cash out into other crypto assets and currencies.

Liquidity providers earn a 0.25% fee on all trades proportional to their share of the pool. You can provide liquidity on these pools on Ubeswap and earn rewards by becoming a G$ liquidity provider:

💙 Liquidity pools and farms