In order to send G$ tokens from Fuse to Celo and vice versa, you need to use a bridge. To do this between both networks, you must press the middle button that allows you to transfer G$ from one network to another, with a minimum of 1000G$ (either from Fuse to Celo or from Celo to Fuse).

Before continuing, it's important to clarify which network we are on. You can verify this in the top left corner. Currently, we are on Celo, which is the default network for using the bridge from GoodWallet, meaning that we will be transferring G$ from the Fuse network to the Celo network.

On the other hand, if it said CELO, we would be using the bridge to transfer our G$ from the Celo network to the Fuse network.

Once this is clear, the rest is straightforward.

  1. Change from the default network Celo to Fuse, because we want to send the Fuse G$ to Celo G$. For that we must press in the left corner (Right now it says Celo because we are in Celo)


Now we are in Fuse, look what change the network no longer says Celo and the transactions were updated now we are watching the Fuse G$ transactions

  1. Now, click on the icon that is above the claim button, the one that is in the middle of my Fuse G$ and Celo G$ balance.


  1. Then you will see that you are in the bridge function G$, you should know that the minimum amount is 1000G$ sending to the another Network
  2. Click on Next


  1. Accept the transaction that you are sending G$ from your wallet to your wallet but in another network (In this example of Fuse to Celo)

  2. You wait for the transaction to be completed, you will see that your balance decreased in the network you used, now I have 1000G$ less in Fuse G$. The transaction may take a few seconds to reflect so don't worry if you don't see your G$ immediately on the other network.