This document provides a step-by-step guide on how to claim G$ UBI on Celo using a Web3 wallet.

In this example we are using MetaMask, but you can use any other Web3 wallet that has your GoodDollar UBI address (and supports Fuse and Celo)

GoodDollar UBI address it’s the wallet address that is green-listed to claim G$ UBI from all chains.


If you are a UBI claimer who has already claimed in the GoodDollar wallet (when only claiming on the FUSE network was possible). You must have imported your GoodDollar UBI address or you will not be able to claim. If you are claiming form a different address you will be going through face verification and you will not be able to claim.

If you haven’t exported your GoodDollar UBI address, or you need to add the Celo network, check the following guides:

How to export your GoodDollar UBI address to any Web3 wallet

How to add the Celo network to my Web3 wallet?

1. Go to GoodDapp

Go to

Captura de Pantalla 2023-03-14 a las 15.07.57.png

2. Connect Wallet

Make sure you connect the wallet where you have exported your GoodDollar UBI address. Make sure that this is properly configured (Celo Network configured, Celo Network selected)

In this case we are connecting using MetaMask, if you have exported your GoodDollar UBI address to another web3 wallet, tap on WalletConnect.