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Want to see how much impact the GoodDollar community created in the 1st GoodGiveback campaign?

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<aside> πŸ’‘ What is the Good Giveback?

It's an initiative to help those of us who are in most need of support through a select number of good causes nominated by the GoodDollar ambassadors.

  1. Simply pick a good cause from the list
  2. Send any amount of G$ coins from your wallet to theirs.
  3. Share this with your community to raise more funds and awareness!


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<aside> 🚨 From now until December 31, 2021, eToro will donate an additional $10,000 USD to be divided across the first 10 good causes included in this campaign, distributed via quadratic funding! πŸ’™


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GoodGiveback 2021

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