Welcome to GoodDollar's Roadmap! Here you'll find ongoing and planned initiatives from all teams building and integrating with the GoodDollar protocol, as well as a wishlist and ideas for those who want to support GoodDollar and don't know where to start. This is a live document, meaning it's updated regularly.

The Next Era: GoodDollar’s Roadmap to Ecosystem Expansion in 2023-2024


Our 2023-2024 Roadboard

Want to know exactly what the teams building GoodDollar are working on right now and what is their vision for the next year? Then, you're at the right place. Welcome to our roadboard!

How to read this Roadboard

The initiatives in this board-style Roadmap are organized into columns that represent when a project will be started. “Now” refers to current projects, “Next” shows projects that will be prioritized when the teams are ready to pick a new task, and “Later” combines a list of ideas that Good Labs would like to see done in the foreseeable future and wants to support. Each project is represented by a card, with a short description of the initiative and any relevant links or attachments. You can click on a card to see more details and updates related to that initiative.


Our Wishlist

Want to build with us but don't know what? Find ideas here:


Our complete GoodDollar Roadmap

Want to see what we've done so far?

GoodDollar Roadmap Database

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